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 Congratulations youR website Has been found in Google !!!


 Have you ever wondered how businesses manage to stay on top of the Search Engine?  Google is by far the biggest search engine and it's necessary to maintain your standing in their rankings.  Aside from ensuring changing content on your website there are various other Google applications to submit to that will help maintain your standing.  These applications do need to be updated every couple of months in order to ensure new content and placement within Google rankings.

These are all applications that can be applied to by you.  However we also realize that not all businesses have the time to maintain there internet marketing and promotions.  After all it can be a full time job all in itself.  At The PC Professor Web Solutions we can take that responsibility on for you.  Please contact us for more information on how we can help you maintain your website and build an online marketing plan that is right for you.

 Google Adwords—This will cost extra money to create a campaign

Ad Words Advertising

Create an advertising budget for Google.  Ads posted down the side of a Google web search or across the top,  pay to keep those top positions.  You bid on keywords (Example: A website design company in Peterborough would try the keywords "Website Design Peterborough") If your the highest bidder you can stay on top.  You only pay if your ad is clicked on. Keyword bidding can start as low as 10cents per click, put has recently grown to 4+ dollars a click for a good keywork phrase; that is just a click and it does ot guarantee you business,. Your competition could just keep clicking of your ad and drain you account. 

Other Google Applications

Gmail Accounts

  • A gmail account will make signing up for google applications much easier as using a gmail account will allow you to register and monitor all applications with just one account. Click Here for More Info

 Google Maps

 Google Adsense

  • Adesnse is advertising you can add to your website that you get paid for.  They advertise the ads posted by businesses in Google Adwords. You get paid when someone clicks on the link on your site. Clicks here for More Info.

 GoOgle myBusiness

  • Get your business listed in the local business section of Google. Make your business searchable on maps. Click here for More Info.

 Google Analytics

  • Use easy-to-understand reports to make measurable improvements to marketing campaigns and websites. Click here for More Info.

 Google Base

  • Do you sell a product?  Then get it listed in Google base. Simply describe your items on Base to make them as easy as possible for people to find when they search. Click here for More Info.

 Google Plus

 Google Web Master Tools

For more information on any of these Google Applications or to find out which ones are right for you please feel free to contact us.

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