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When you query a website, you include the type of browser being used in your request, and when a request from a mobile browser is made, it is redirected to the mobile version for a significantly better surfing experience based on screen size which is readable on your cell or or other device. Of course, the user can access the mobile site by its original domain name such as .and automatically be redirected to mobile version based on device screen resolution on mobile devices. 

mobileA Mobile Website is a must for any business and is currently were more than half of the eyes are. Mobile websites are designed for small screen devices such as certain laptops, tablets, Smart Phones (ie iPhone, Android), PDA's, and any other mobile devices with Interet surfing capabiliities. Mobile websites are developed and optimized for mobile devices using newer code such as HTML 5  and CSS 3 website coding and smaller dimesions.

Google has no reason to keep sites that not easy to read, or to big etc, so down you go on mobile searches, e.g. Google search. You can type your name in to the address bar and it will show, but try using Google Search for your descriptions, titles, keywords etc on your mobile device. Unless they know your site directly, you won't list well. They rewaard mobile sites buy putting them on top Sorry, not my rules, but that is it in a nutshell.

Mobile Marketing

Every day more and more companies are using the vast array of mobile marketing options to relay their messages with their customers and potential customers. We are able to help local and national businesses with their mobile marketing.. Massive growth in mobile device usage both in terms of smart phones, tablets, small laptops, an PDA's and other mobile devices with web searching capabilities in use and in mobile marketing is here being used by companies just like you. There is, no doubt, that you are being left behind and giving away potential customers by not implementing and using a mobile website site or marketing to grow your business.

With so many commercial companies and business are waking up to the advantage and great potentail of mobile marketing, perhaps it’s time to take action as mobile advertising will ultimately be the way you provision most of your services.” And if that’s right, it’s time for business owners and managers to get on board or lose more than half of your audience. 

If you do not have a mobile responsive website you will be extremely hard to find on a tablet, smartphone, such as iPhone, Androind, and blackberry. Basically Evey Mobile Device Out There You will Not Be Found In The Searches. This is about 60+% of Internet Searches For Your Type of Business

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